About AssistSafety LTD

Assist Safety provides safety management and training services to all industries and helps company directors and managers comply with their legal requirements under health and safety legislation.

There are several good reasons why senior management should be proactive in the implementation of health and safety systems in their workplaces.

  • No matter how bad the economy gets, Section 80 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 still applies and should not be ignored by the people at management level. If management are to stay on the right side of the law they must not ignore their responsibility for providing safe conditions for employees to work in. As employers and managers, we have neither the moral nor the legal right to take employees' safety for granted.
  • The reductions in the workforce caused by corporate downsizing can result in product being moved out the doors by fewer employees but greater demands on the workforce can easily result in an increase in injuries.
  • Depending on your industry uninsured costs outweigh insured costs between 4 and 36 times
  • The best companies in the world are proactive in managing safety in their workplaces because they recognise and have found that the discipline involved adds to production and ultimately to the bottom line. Perhaps this is the most important reason for managing safety, because increased profitability makes it easier to sustain the reasons for maintaining a safe place of work.
  • Safety personnel don’t make safe workplaces, safety-minded directors and supervisors do. Legislation recognises this and that is why it makes them responsible if something goes wrong, but there is nothing in legislation that says that your company should not benefit financially by implementing good management systems that improve the safety of your workforce.

ASSIST SAFETY WILL PREPARE BESPOKE SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS THAT WILL INTEGRATE INTO YOUR PRODUCTION SYSTEMS, TO BE EASILY MANAGED BY YOUR OWN STAFF. If you think your workplace is safe but would like to confirm that you are fulfilling your legal obligations, we are also happy to do once-off audits.